Christmas sale! Step into a world of enchantment and mystery this Christmas with our Moonlit Night Castle DIY Booknook,

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19 - 21 Jul, 2024
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????✨ Unleash the Magic of the Season! ✨????

Are you ready to transform your home into a winter wonderland filled with enchantment and holiday cheer? Look no further! Our DIY Magic Booknook is here to sprinkle your Christmas with a dash of enchantment and a pinch of whimsy.

????Vintage Magic Aesthetic:
This DIY Wizarding World Booknook encapsulates the essence of vintage magic, evoking an era when wizards roamed in tattered robes, casting spells with quills and parchment. Its exquisite design transports you to a realm where enchantment is real and boundless.

???? Spellbinding Details:
Every nook and cranny of this booknook is meticulously crafted to capture the enchanting minutiae of a magical world. From antique-style spell books and cauldrons to flickering candlelight, each detail sparks a sense of nostalgia and mystique.

???? DIY Magic: ????
Assemble your own miniature wizarding world with this DIY booknook. Unleash your creativity as you set up the scene, arranging magical artifacts, spell scrolls, and other vintage-inspired elements to your heart’s desire. It’s a spellbinding project that will transport you deeper into the magical realm.Please check back here for more great gifts!

product information
Finished size (cm): 17 L x 11.4 W x 25.4 H
Weight: about 1 kg
Materials: wood, paper, resin, plastic. (Due to airmail restrictions, batteries, glue and knives are not included)
LED light with battery compartment and power switch.

Kind tips
The product does not contain batteries and glue, because the logistics does not support. If you have any questions during the assembly process, you can contact me.

Warranty Sheet
1. The kit has been 100% carefully inspected before shipping to ensure that the accessories are complete and there are no missing pieces.
2. Please feel free to contact us before purchasing or after receiving the product, any help we will try our best to help you.