Green Moroccan Sink Washbasin Wash Basin Ceramic Handmade Hand Painted – Moroccan Pottery washbasin – handmade sink – Moroccan washbasin.

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Green Moroccan Sink Washbasin Wash Basin Ceramic Handmade Hand Painted – Moroccan Pottery washbasin – handmade sink – Moroccan washbasin.

The unique round Moroccan basin in oriental style. This moroccan sink is made in the traditional moroccan technique. Technique from fez is famous for the richness of design and patterns as well as for the intensity of colours which are so characteristic for Morocco bathed in sunlight. The moroccan sink will definitely help you to obtain a more personal and individualistic style of your bathroom.

Rich design, lively colors and high quality characterize our Moroccan hand-painted washbasin. The white ceramic washbasin is famous all over the world. The production takes place in the old ceramic stronghold and cosmopolitan city of Fes .

The pottery has been painstakingly handcrafted for generations. A tradition that has been maintained in the royal city for centuries.

Several skilled artisans look for the design, color combination and pattern together with us and according to our needs.



25 cm = 10 inch
30 cm = 12 inch
35 cm = 14 inch
40 cm = 16 inch
45 cm = 18 inch
50 cm = 20 inch


The production takes place over several stations:

first the pottery is shaped by hand on simple pottery wheels. Depending on the model, the colored primer is applied and then baked in an oven.

The next step is the elaborate hand-painting, which is strictly selected according to old Moorish floral or geometric ornaments.

Then the glaze is used to seal and harden our hand basins before the two-stage firing process.

The finished product is a hand-painted ceramic washbasin which underlines the uniqueness of your bathroom.

Find the right sink

Our oriental ceramic basins are available in a wide variety of designs.

The range is diverse:
We offer ceramic washbasins that are artistically painted with colorful floral patterns or ornaments. These floral patterns or ornaments give your bathroom a Mediterranean style. Straight lines are stylishly interrupted.

There are no limits to the vibrancy of color variations.

If you prefer tradition, then choose a washbasin for yourself from our traditional range of famous blue and white ceramics. A symbolic color scheme. White symbolizes purity. Blue is the symbol for water, symbol of life. A play of colors with a strong character in modern tiled bathrooms.

In addition, our range offers washbasins which, thanks to their ornamentation in geometric shapes and patterns, let your bathroom shine with a modern shine. Our Black and White line in particular is expressive and stylish.

Installation of the ceramic basin:

You have the option of integrating your Moroccan ceramic basin into your bathroom according to your wishes. Your hand wash bowl can be flush with the worktop so that the edge of the basin protrudes beyond the foreseen place on the cabinet or work surface. A wash bowl that is only painted in your interior is sufficient for this.
Would you like to set up your wash bowl in a classic way so that it is expressively visible from all sides; then for this installation you choose a ceramic basin that is decorated inside and out.


⦁ Each of our oriental sinks is 100% handmade. Because of this, every single washbasin is unique.

⦁ Almost all of our ceramic washbasins from Morocco are painted on the inside and outside.

⦁ Each of our ceramic washbasins fits a standard siphon.


The hand-painted ornaments are abrasion-resistant and hard-wearing. Treat your ceramic basin only with a soft cloth or sponge, wipe it out with warm water and a little mild soap-based cleaning agent, rinse the cleaning agent under running water and dry it off.
Clean the areas around the fitting and connection joints with a toothbrush, avoiding hard abrasives if possible.

We use Clay that is only found in Fes. Firstly, we take it from a place called “Ben Jellik”.Then, we let it dry in front the sun. After three weeks, we break it into small pieces with a hammer and let it dry for an other whole day. Then We put it in the water for two days and clean it from rocks and unwanted materials. This process can only be done in Fez as it’s the sunniest city in Morocco.
And Voila, the Clay is ready for use and we can shape it into any handmade products we want. Afterwards, we cook it for 8 hours in a temperature of
2000°C. And now the fun part is begun. We start painting the products with natural based colours that are taken from natural resources. Even brushes used are made from horses hair.
When we finish, we put some products to make them shiny and re-cook them for an other 8 hours in a traditional oven. We double baked the handmade products to make them ready for daily use and insensitive to water. You can put hot or cold water in them with no worries.

Additional information

Additional information

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25 cm = 10 inches, 30 cm = 12 inches, 35 cm = 14 inches, 40 cm = 16 inches, 45 cm = 18 inches, 50 cm = 20 inches

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charlotte Courbe

So beautiful and deeper than I thought


Shipping was very quick by DHL and item was well packed and arrived in one piece exactly as described. Shop is also very helpful with queries. Very happy with purchase and would 100% recommend.

Susan Stack

Well packaged and included a bonus tile. That was chipped on the corner, but the ceramic sink was perfect. Now to figure out how to install it! I would purchase from this seller again, no question. Great quality.


It was really packed very well and therefore arrived unscathed. The colors, workmanship and quality are even better than hoped. I can only recommend.


Gorgeous sink! I would like to buy another on for another bathroom too. Article arrived in 2 weeks. It was so well packed and even arrived in a little steel casing with lots of professional styrofoam and packaging so nothing would break. I was very impressed!
Ayyoub responded to my questions really quickly and he was really friendly and helpful. I was charged €40 import duty/import fees (approx 35% of goods value) by the German government tax office, but Ayyoub offered to pay half.
Would definitely buy something here again! Thank you so much! ????

Green Moroccan Sink Washbasin Wash Basin Ceramic Handmade Hand Painted - Moroccan Pottery washbasin - handmade sink - Moroccan washbasin.

Green Moroccan Sink Washbasin Wash Basin Ceramic Handmade Hand Painted – Moroccan Pottery washbasin – handmade sink – Moroccan washbasin.

$159.74 $377.00