Hand Hammered Brass 16″ round Drum bar sink with choice of drain opening and finish

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Product Description:

Hand Hammered solid Brass Round Drum Bar/Kitchen Prep Sink 16″ made by Hikwa  Brass. Hand Made by our skilled artisans in our own shop in  Hikwa del Cobre, which specializes in hammered and smooth Brass products. All of our brass sink finishes are living finishes and will age naturally, they are non-lacquered, but come sealed with a natural beeswax polish we made in-house at our shop.


All sinks also include:

Our Brass Care Kit – Which includes: Wax, Express Wax, Polishing Cream, P96 Scotchbrite Pad, and Polishing Cloth

*** NEW FOR 2022 : All sinks come with Hikwa Brass Xion Sound Deading Pads, Even though all sink are thick brass, Details are what makes the difference!


Finishes: * I get a lot of questions on what finish to select based on the faucet finish, – Brass, is what I consider the easiest metal to pair up to in regards to the faucet finish you are using – if you are using an unlacquered brass faucet – just go with polished and or matte. If you are using a PVD or lacquered /darker finish on your faucet, antique, weathered, or bronzed or any of the 250 finishes out there currently, * You have to remember – My sinks are solid unlacquered brass, and they will oxidize over time. Your best friend is the care kit I supply with every sink, You want more matte, use the Scotch-Brite pad, if you want the brass to be darker, scotch brite it with the pad and DON”T wax it, and as it darkens, use the Scotch-Brite pad to adjust to the color of the faucet. If you do nothing it will darken, you want to make it matte, just scotch brite it, you want it polished and shiny use the polishing cream I provide. The best thing about unlacquered brass, is that you can adjust the finish to what you want when you want it, and if you do nothing- don’t stress- it will be oxidized, just scrub it down and or polish it if you want polished or just scrub it down and you have matte. If you want it antique, and it’s too dark, lightly scotch brite it – You can’t screw it up, its an Antimicrobial Unlacquered finish that is germfree surface and it’s a living finish. You just need to decide what you like and adjust accordingly – Brass is the best metal to use for sinks because depending on anytime what you want, you can achieve that finish. You want it polished, polish it, you want matte, use the Scotch-Brite pad, you want antique – do nothing…. Honestly, its that simple 🙂



Care and Maintenance:

Shiny and matte finishes will naturally oxidize and tarnish, and the antique/ weathered brass finish can lighten over time with excessive use. You can use Barkeepers Friend and or a natural deoxidizer polishing paste like lemon juice and salt or in Mexico we use Valentina hot sauce (similar to Tasbasco hot sauce), to remove tarnish from a shiny sink. Most bronze and brass statues throughout Mexico are maintained by municipalities using hot sauce. A little paste wax and or beeswax polish will help maintain the finish longer.

Do not clean Antique / Weathered Brass with brass cleaners as they will lighten the finish. Mild soap and water is all that you need. 000 Steel Wool / or a green scour pad can be used to burnish tarnish off these finishes.

Outside Dim 16″x 16″x 7″

Inside Dim 14″x 14″

Drain Opening 2″ Opening / and a 3 1/2″ can be ordered as well

Edge Detail 1″ Flat Edge

Mount Type Surface or under counter mount

Made by hand by Hikwa Brass Hammered Brass Products of Mexico

Additional information

Additional information

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20 inches, 25 inches, 30 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Carolyn Genautis

Gorgeous piece. Paul was fantastic to work with. Very quick to respond.

Erin Mitchell

This sink has exceeded all expectations! What a beautifully made sink! I just ordered the matching drain as I didn’t notice it wasn’t included in the sink purchase and I’m sure it will be perfect as well.

Cassandra Malnar

Gorgeous sink, excellent customer service, quick shipping


Beautifully handcrafted and stunning color!

Jessica Rizzo

Sink is absolute beautiful - and even better than I expected. Paul was amazing. He knew I needed it quickly for my remodel project and shipped it out right away - and checked-in to make sure I received it. So happy! Highly recommend!