Handmade Outdoor Coffee Table – Complicated Mosaic Pattern Turquoise Table – Bistro Table GIFT

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: Mosaic, Metal

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    this amazing traditional Moroccan table was handcrafted by A professional worker, it represents the cultural diversity of Moroccan handcrafts and that is because of its design, material and the colors used at the surface of the table, the height of this amazing piece of art is 55 cm with a width of 40 cm and a possibility of personal customization. by obtaining such objects you would be helping a dying craft to flourish again so that contact between the past and the present would never die not mentioning the happiness it would bring to poor workers on fields like this .

    ” Clay” this material that is found only in Fes City. In a specific place called ” Ben Jellik”. To get started to bring the clay to this place, and we leave it for 20 days in order for it to dry. When it is dry we use a large hummer to break it into small pieces then we leave it to dry again for whole day before we put it in water for two days. Then there are people who work on cleaning the clay from unwanted rocks and any other material to give to another person. This type of activity is only found in Fes city because it has a close relation go the sun.
    Other workers are in charge for shaping the clay dough into flower vases, jars, plates …. all of these products are handmade. It is an inherited craft work.
    After we place the handmade products into the oven for 8 hours with 2000°C. The next step is painting the products with colours of the fortunes, dinning tables and the walls.
    We paint the products with natural based colours that are taken from natural resources. The paint brushes used are made from horses hair. They use different colours such as blue, red, black…
    When they finish they coat them with a material that makes the products shiny so they can put it back into the oven fir 8 hours to bake on burned woods then the products can be used for our daily use. You can use cold or hot water in them, the paint is long lasting.
    Moving to Zellige, when it bakes for the first time, and the second time with the paint it is given to Nekkach that decides what kind of pattern will be used on it depends on where Zellige will be put. He spreads them flipped in a geometrical pattern based on ancient references such as Karaouiyn, and the king’s palaces…
    Then we use a material called ” La resin ” or ” cola sima” and we let them dry. After that we flip them to the front to see the design of the Zellige. That is the workmanship of Clay in the City of Fes.
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