Moroccan ceramic sink wash basin

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Ceramic sink, bathroom ceramic sink, hand painted washbasin, counter top basin, entryway ceramic basin bowl, Luxury sink

add this beautiful decoration for your home.

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The ceramics industry, or what is known as pottery, is the first craft in human history. It is a wonderful mixture of authenticity and contemporary and traditional hard craftsmanship as it is one of the arts of fire that is accepted only by those who love it and are convinced of it, and this is reflected in his works. His masterpiece to produce a creative artistic production different from what the machine produces.
The clay dough mixture is mixed with the ceramic’s brow sweat, which carries an aesthetic heritage derived from the art of pottery making, which has been linked to a very social base and through various ages. Art has different professions, especially in the field of pharmacy, fluid preservation, decoration and architecture.
This art traveled from east to west through Andalusia and then returned to settle in the country of Morocco.
The city of Fez is one of the Moroccan cities whose name has been associated with the ceramic industry for hundreds of years. Its trade flourished during the reign of the Almohads during the thirteenth century, and it became famous during the sixteenth century for the beauty and diversity of colored ceramic products due to the quality of the clay material used and available in the city of Fez.
At the end of the eleventh century, a new creative touch was introduced to the pottery industry, where the decorated dishes began to appear, and this gave the colors used to carry the city’s privacy and make it a world-renowned, in addition to other colors that distinguished the city’s pottery products from the rest of the other Moroccan regions.
We mention in particular the “brightening”, meaning the blue, which is taken from the cobalt stone, and the “jnjari” which is
Green and “Khabouri” which is orange.
As pottery or porcelain is every object made of clay, whether or not another material is added to it, every ceramic form goes through the formation stage, it has been softened and finally hardening or hardening by heat, and this last process is what turns the clay into pottery.
Making ceramics is like a arduous journey between water, clay, skill and innovation, where we start by placing the Fassi clay or what is known as the gray clay found in the turbulence of clay in the water for less than two hours until we start filtering it several times, then we transfer it to another basin for two weeks until it dries out of the water. Winter stays for three weeks to move to another stage, which is mixing with the feet in order to remove the small impurities, after that it is transferred as small pieces of paste by hand to reach the hand of the maker. The potter caresses the piece of clay with his fingers on a fast-rotating machine that he controls with his feet, using a thin wooden piece to Forming a stereoscopic pottery or decorative piece without setting specific measurements and relying on experience and practice in controlling the pottery piece. We also use molds to form soft clay in special ways and in different sizes. We create household utensils or things to decorate homes that touch the aesthetic boundaries of art
After that, we display the clay figures to the sun for a period ranging between two and three days to dry well before entering the oven to be cooked. In the next stage, we move on to using natural colors to decorate the proud pieces with ornaments and formations, some of which are Andalusian or Arabic, or a combination of the two. after the glazing process.
Pottery has its secrets that are linked to the history of the ancient city of Fez, which inherited this craft from generation to generation, and pottery of all kinds entered the largest and most luxurious palaces and hotels across the world, and it also occupies a special place within Moroccan society in particular, which made it transform from home use to an essential element in the field of decoration.

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25 cm = 10 inch
30 cm = 12 inch
35 cm = 14 inch
40 cm = 16 inch
45 cm = 18 inch
50 cm = 20 inch

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